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Everything you need to know about Afghanistan culture: the cities and people, the religion, food, art, etiquette, clothing, and fun. I've also pulled to together lots of information to help you plan the perfect adventure vacation (or contract job)!

All about Afghanistan CUlture

This site is being compiled by a real person, who has enjoyed a "normal" life in Kabul for almost a decade with my husband and children.

afghanistan photos

I've written down everything I've learned through the decade of living in the capital city.

Since the country and people are so diverse, I've enlisted friends (experts) who live in other provinces of the country to give their unique perspectives on Afghan culture.

Here are some of their pictures!

You can benefit from people who are passionate about all things Afghan.

Get the insider’s perspective
on living successfully (and safely!)

  • You will see the people and country you hear about on the media has a whole ‘nother side to it which is beautiful and fun!
  • Learn about Afghan people, the great food, the friendly Afghan culture.
  • Read how to plan a safe travel adventure if you're into extreme adventures
  • Learn how to handle visas and entry permits.
  • Find a cheap flight, low cost hotels, and even a job if you decide to stay.
  • Learn the best tips for not only surviving your first few days, but also learning how to live in an exciting place!
  • Read up on Islam and how not to make any offensive mistakes.

If you've never been to Central Asia before, start by reading an insider view of the city you are planning on visiting or living.


Your Afghanistan Culture Adventure Planning Guide...

I've created the Planning Guide to show you how to be prepared for your own trip.

Afghanistan is more inspiring than you ever imagined!

All you need is enough information, and a reasonable measure of common sense. I like to think that I can offer you plenty of both, so let’s get started.

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not listed here?

Contact me and ask!

I'll include your question and my response for others to read.

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I hope this beautiful country will come alive in your imagination, and when you visit I hope you will love it and Afghan culture as much as I do!

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Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan
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Afghanistan National Archives
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Afghanistan National Archives Building
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Brian Carderelli
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Afghanistan Women
Afghanistan Women
Watch a stunning video of Buzkashi - the Afghan national sport most of us will never have to see in person.
Cross Cultural Communication
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Afghanistan Culture
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Afghanistan History
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Afghanistan Information
An American mom who has lived in Kabul for almost 10 years giving you the best Afghanistan information...all the facts you need to know to get to and around Afghanistan.
Afghanistan Religion
Need a short, easy-to-understand summary of the main Afghanistan religion? Understand the three main parts of Islam within Afghanistan.
Cities in Afghanistan
Get the best insider information and photos on more than cities in Afghanistan, but also villages and other lesser known areas within the country.
Afghanistan peoples
Many different ethnic groups comprise Afghanistan. Afghanistan peoples are surprisingly diverse.
Afghanistan Photos
Unique Afghanistan photos of people, children, and soldiers in Afghanistan you won't find anywhere else!
Afghanistan Map
Need am Afghanistan map? Here you will find the most helpful FREE maps.
Wakhan Corridor
First hand information on the Wakhan Corridor by people making trips in summer, 2009. The most remote district in Afghanistan...until now.
Afghanistan Geography
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Afghanistan Travel Stories
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Living in Afghanistan
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Security in Afghanistan
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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
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Testimonials About Afghanistan
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