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I am a stay-at-home mom who has lived in Central Asia for almost a decade. That means we lived either in Pakistan or Afghanistan during this time.

My husband and I first moved to Kabul when the Taliban were in control of the country, before 9/11. We were immersed in the Afghan culture, living among the people, learning Dari, a dialect of Farsi (Persian) language.

Like almost all foreigners, we had to leave at 9/11 (it was a pretty scary time here). We went back to our home in America that winter. We returned not long after Kabul was liberated, and have lived in Kabul ever since.

We purposely don't share a lot of "identifier" information, simply because it might increase our risk level and the risk level of Afghans associated with us if certain elements in the country knew who we are.

I hold a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelor of Science in Biology, and Bachelor of Arts in Science Education. I am working on a Doctorate in Religious Studies.

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The Community of Contributors

As we stated on the Home page, much of this website is being written by friends who live in various parts of Afghanistan, or who have lived in Afghanistan.

We do not live behind bullet proof glass. We don't have armed soldiers guarding our homes. Most of us simply live with the people, shopping where they shop, walking the streets where they walk, speaking their language and "blending" in as much as we can.

For most of us, we came to Afghanistan not knowing much about the culture but ready for adventure.

We stay because it has become "home."

We stay because we've fallen in love with the people and want to help.

We are writing this website as an antidote to all the negative press Afghanistan gets in much of the media. We want you to see Afghanistan through different eyes - as we see it.

We want to tell you what it's like as we live, work, and train Afghans. As we attend their weddings, their funerals, laugh with them, cry with them...we see a whole different story which rarely is heard.

We hope you enjoy this website, and we invite you to contact us with your comments and questions.

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