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Online Business Optimization Plan

Below is my story about how I came to know more about online business optimization with ONE company that does it all: domain hosting, keyword research, building a 2-column or 3-column website, website optimization, ecommerce solutions, and every other tool one needs to build a successful online business.

Our Knowledge

When I first came to Afghanistan, I was a little anxious, very ignorant about the culture, and wondering a whole lot about what life would be like for me. I tried to find out if things like cinnamon were available.

Now that we've been here for more than 9 years, there is a wealth of knowledge I have gained about living in Afghanistan as an American mom. My international friends living around the country also have a WEALTH of knowledge about living here and working with Afghans, which remains untapped and is light years better than 99% of what is available on the internet.

Looking for an Internet Business Model

So how can we share this knowledge? I looked for a company for years where I could build a helpful website to share our collective knowledge and information about Afghanistan.

Because we don't have a lot of money, I needed an affordable e-commerce solution company which provided the best online business optimization, had all the tools necessary to build an effective website, included domain hosting, and helped me for free.

The company forum is extremely helpful - I love the motto "Pay it and be helped." This creates a learning environment, one that is respectful even when I ask a "dumb" question.

This creates a strong team of people who are interested in helping others.I think of all the soldiers in Afghanistan, who enjoy a deep sense of team, working together. For those of you in the military to civilian transition, this is a great team to join in the civilian world.

Because there are so many internationals in Afghanistan, the website is for everyone. So is the company. For my French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Dutch readers, rest your brain and read in your own language! :)

The company motto is a tortoise - meaning just do a little every day. Well, that's how it is for me - as a homeschooling mom, this website is being built in about 10 minute increments, what with all the interruptions and demands upon my time!

E-Learning Course

I'm a complete novice at website building, so I enrolled in an e-learning course, which has given me access to an instructor familiar with the company and building websites. It is completely possible to learn how to build a website without a course through the comprehensive online Action Guide, but I appreciated a little more individual attention from my instructor.

September '09

It has only been a couple of months since I started, but now my website is averaging about 30 new visitors a day, and I have the full expectation this will continue to increase. Check back here, as I will write new updates here so you can see how the site grows and gain confidence this is not a "GRQ" (Get Rich Quick) company or sales page just interested in taking your money.

I sincerely hope this website helps many people prepare for successful aid work, consulting, diplomacy, and business building in Afghanistan.

I'm happy to answer individual questions about Afghanistan Culture or about online business optimization through the company with whom I am building this website. Here's a link to ask questions of Sitesell directly.

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