Just for Fun in Afghanistan

no pork sign in afghanistan

I know it is hard to believe, but my husband really did snap this picture during the Taliban rule of Afghanistan. The sign was at the Kabul airport, and was supposed to indicate a "No Parking" zone.

Afghans on the Moon

I took the picture of this poster hanging inside a shop near Chicken Street. It really was one poster someone had photo shopped Afghans walking on the moon at the same time as the Americans.

Fun in Afghanistan? War sometimes brings out humor as a coping mechanism. Here are some things we expatriates find funny in Afghanistan. I'll be adding more funny pics, so check back. Feel free to send what you find funny for me to add here.

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Kabul

  1. Freedom to (creatively) invent your own traffic laws
  2. The police are surprisingly friendly; they hold hands and drink tea together (in the middle of the road!)
  3. A flexible national airline that promotes prayer. Arrivals and departures (and staff) fluctuate, but prayer is constant. The Enshala Airline
  4. Compared to the water, your hands are always sanitary
  5. The chAdar: the ultimate remedy for bad hair days-- culturally acceptable and available in a wide array of colors
  6. Name that Garbage! A-When-the-Kabul-River-is-Flowing–Game
  7. Also known as the Kabul River Garbage Recycling and Demining Program
  8. Citywide quadruped waste management system. (Sheep chic © Waste Engineering LTD)
  9. Feel like a Hollywood Star! Gawking fans staring at you on every street corner! No autographs, please
  10. And the number 1 reason to live in Kabul...drum roll please...

  11. A Target on every corner (but no Wal-Mart)

Afghan cow

I snapped a picture of this cow in the Kabul Zoo in 2009, and she really does have a second tail - see the "rope" coming out of the middle of the cow's back?

Afghan Donkey

Okay, this was snapped in Pakistan, but I'm sure it's happened in Afghanistan, and probably India, too.

Afghan children in Taxi

This is common enough in Kabul, or any of the big cities - safety is not a concern, but you rarely can travel faster than 45 miles an hour in Afghanistan, anyway.

Plastic wagon in Kabul

Afghans are amazing at how full they can pile a truck, wagon, karachi, tricycle, bicycle, wheelbarrow....well, you get the idea.

afghan cat

Our Afghan cat found the drying rack to be a comfortable place to sleep.

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