Solar Energy in Afghanistan

Solar energy is plentiful in Central Asia and the Middle East. This part of the world is optimally suited for alternative energy solutions. Afghanistan needs home solar power systems.

With more than 300 days of sun per year and inconsistent electricity from the government, alternative energy seems to be the best answer.

Solar energy in partnership with wind turbines provides the most consistent source of electricity in a country with so much sunshine and regular duststorms.

With pollution increasing in large cities like Kabul, including the gigantic generators used by wealthy Afghans, humanitarian aid workers, and businesses, solar power could be an answer to improving the quality of life for all - not just for those few who can afford it.

However, until now, the cost has been the main obstacle to really being an answer in developing countries such as Afghanistan. Most people cannot afford it.

If there was a way for solar panels to be made for less than $100 by even teenagers, it could become a possible widespread solution for the average Afghans, but be very helpful for humanitarian workers and businesses requiring electricity to carry out their projects.

Below, find a link to a company selling the plans for making solar panels and wind turbines. The plans are the best I've seen and the most complete and reliable solar power plans.

DIY Solar energy plans

Most of the items are available locally in the Ko-e-Markhaz bazaar, or accessible in Dubai or other places. If you have a helpful shop keeper who regularly goes to Dubai or has people in Dubai, just have it ordered in.

For years we have used solar panels on our house in Kabul, and loved the reliability of them. They charged our batteries, and provided electricity for lights and my home office on those cloudy days.

These plans may make it much easier for many more people to enjoy solar power in Afghanistan and improve their lives.

Materials Necessary

  • Solar Cells $72
  • Plexiglass $14.97
  • Stainless Steel Screws $2.88
  • Wire $1.56
  • Blocking Diode $0.21
  • Wood Free Scrap Pile
  • Solder* $1.15
  • Flux Paste* $0.17
  • Paint/Primer*
  • Silicone

I'd like to see more about DIY Solar energy plans!

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