Forced Marriage

Here is a story of forced marriage, which is all too common in the villages and remote areas of Afghansstan.

Setara discovers her family has made a decision to marry her off. She has not been consulted about her wishes and when she expresses them with tears, they are disregarded.

The plan moves forward and an engagement date is set.

She contemplates what her life would be like with such a man, a man who has not been educated as she has, and who believes a woman should not work outside the home.

Her dreams for further education and doing something to make a difference in the lives of her fellow Afghan women are being put out like the daily garbage.

She feels herself slipping into despair as she contemplates her options.

The bride price, a handsome sum, is at the root of the decision. Money changes hands between buyer and seller for an unwilling human being who is the product in the transaction.

Such a situation moves many girls to commit self-immolation, suicide by burning. They douse themselves with cooking oil and set themselves on fire. Most die of infection within days.

Your donation will help give them other choices. Several NGO's are quietly working to help give job skills to men and women, and to improve the education in the villages and cities of Afghanistan.

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