Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam is easier when we can put Islamic terms into Western religious terminology. Take the following quiz and see if you can match up the left column with the right. (Answers at the bottom of this page)

  1. Sunni

  2. Shiia

  3. Imam

  4. Folk Islam

  5. Sharia

  6. Jihad

  7. Wahabism

  8. Hadith

  9. Sufism

  10. Qur'an

  11. Arabic

A. Charismatic

B. Discipleship movement

C. Creeds of Christendom

D. Protestantism

E. Bible, Catholic Icon

F. Christian Fundamentalism

G. Hebrew/Greek, Latin

H. Roman Catholicism

I. Pope, worship leader

J. Canon Law

K. Catholic Animism

Take a minute to review Formal Islam if you cannot remember the 5 pillars of Islamic faith.

Answers to Quiz above:

  1. Sunni = D. Protestantism
  2. Shiia = H. Roman Catholicism (Qur'an + Traditions)
  3. Imam = I. Pope, Worship Leader
  4. Folk Islam = K. Catholic Animism
  5. Sharia = J. Canon Law
  6. Jihad = B. Discipleship
  7. Wahabism = F. Christian Fundamentalism
  8. Hadith = C. Creeds of Christendom
  9. Sufism = A. Charismatic Movement
  10. Qur'an = E. Bible, Catholic Icon
  11. Arabic = G. Hebrew/Greek, Latin

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