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Afghanistan Books

Afghanistan Books
Afghanistan Books

  • Review of Breadwinner, Parwana's Journey, Mud CityTrilogy
  • Review of Real Men Keep Their Word
  • Images of Afghanistan
  • Photography Book
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    Living in AfghanistanMaking Your House and Yard Fun and Beautiful Maintaining a Swimming Pool in Afghanistan Building an Italian Pizza Oven in Afghanistan Making a hot tub in Afghanistan Building a beautiful bamboo shade over your veranda without nails Finnish Sauna in Afghanistan Design and build a playground Gardening in Afghanistan - growing roses, flowers, and fruit trees in AfghanistanManaging your House Renting a House in Afghanistan How to train your Afghan nanny Hiring and working with House Helpers Working with your Chaukidars (watchman) How to install a battery/inverter system for 24-hour electricity for those areas without city electricity Living with solar electricity VFF - where to get custom furniture made in KabulFood - How To's and Cooking

    What is Available in Afghanistan - a list of Appliances, Food, Household items, Fruits and Veges, and Meats Cooking western foods in Afghanistan Cleaning fruits and vegetables in Afghanistan How to make coffee cream Clean cooking and drinking water Making your own rootbeer Meat - How to NOT become a vegetarian in Afghanistan! Food Products - an orientation on specific food products from Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and the U.A.E. and are great substitutes to learn how to recognize and use!

    Clothes and Fashion in Afghanistan

    Wondering what to wear? Your guide to fashion dressing in Afghanistan. Learn the best bazaars for finding the best fabric, working with tailors, and getting toshaks made

    Shopping in Kabul

    An orientation to stores selling western foods in Kabul - Food stores recommended in Kabul Recommended sports stores Where to find the only REAL drycleaner in Kabul Where to find stuff in Kabul How to get around Afghanistan with drivers Recommended Restaurants in Kabul

    Miscellaneous Tips to Living Well in Afghanistan

    Healthy Living Tips for surviving Afghanistan joyfully! How to throw a party in Afghanistan Living in Afghanistan with your baby

    Managing Your Security in Afghanistan

    Communication in Afghanistan - how to stay connected Security in AfghanistanJobs

    • Contract Jobs
    • KBR Jobs
    • Security Jobs
    • Places to VisitSecurity TipsLeaving Well