Communication in Afghanistan

Communication in Afghanistan should be the top priority once you have arrived in country. Do not neglect this.

Life in Afghanistan is a whole lot safer and fun when you are confident you have utilized as many communication tools available.

  1. Register with your Embassy. Make sure they know you are here and for how long - update this information with them yearly or as security dictates.
  2. Get at least 1, possibly 2 cell phones, with Sim cards from different cell phone companies. Sim cards are cheap, and can be purchased at the airport right after clearing baggage claim.
  3. Make sure you have access to a satellite phone. Thuraya phones can be purchased in country.
  4. get access to 24/7 internet through an independent provider, not a cell phone company. Get Skype running on your computer. When/if security deteriorates, the cell phone connections usually become inoperable rather quickly, and Skype is one of the main ways you can stay connected to others.
  5. If possible, have VHF radios, and make sure you have access to others. You'll need a license from the Ministry of Communications to operate these, however.

Basically, in the Security and Communication Lectures my husband and I have given to newcomers twice yearly for the past 7 years, we advise everyone to have redundant forms of communication, including Afghan friends you can trust.

Security Tips from a Mom who has lived in Afghanistan for almost a decade.

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