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Afghanistan Currency was redone in 2002. It has generally held its value of 50Afs/$1 (U.S.) since that time.

Afghanistan Currency Exchange Rate: June, 2010

1.0 (U.S.) = AFN 47.00

£1.00 = AFN 68.00

€1.00 = AFN 56.00

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Traveler's Checks

Not accepted and not recommended to bring

Credit Cards and ATM's

Credit cards are accepted at the Serena Hotel in Kabul.

That's about it. Really.

There is an ATM at the Intercontinental Hotel as well as the Kabul City Center Mall. It is dangerous to use an ATM, as they may be watched by criminals. Make sure you have a driver waiting and take precautions. Afghan banks are still not issuing credit cards to their bank holders.

Banking Hours

It is not recommended at this time to use an Afghan bank. However, if you must, the typical hours enshalla are: Sat-Wed 0800-1200 and 1300-1630, Thurs 0800-1330. Sometimes the banks may stay open until 1pm, and not open until after 2pm.

Miscellaneous Information about Afghanistan Currency

  • For reference, one piece of local nan is 8 Afs. We commonly purchase sugar for 35 Afs/kilo.

  • The correct name for the Afghanistan currency is "Afghani." The coins are also Afghani. A person from Afghanistan is called an "Afghan." This is a common cultural mistake made by foreigners when these two terms are incorrectly applied.

  • It is common to hear an Afghan use the word "rupee" when referring to Afghanistan currency. This is NOT to be confused with the Pakistani rupee. Until 1925, Afghanistan currency used to be called the "Afghan Rupee."

The following Afghanistan currency pictures are the current list of denominations and explanation of pictures on each coin and bill being used. The descriptions of Afghanistan currency came straight from Afghan personnel working in the Kabul Bank.

Below are pictures of each denomination of Afghanistan currency with the appropriate description under each image.

The shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar

The Tomb of Ahmad Shaw Durrani Baba in Kandahar

The Herat Mosque

Kandahar Airport Tower

The Pul-e-Khesti Mosque in Kabul

Arch of Bost (Qal-e-Bost) in Helmand Province

Shaw-e-Du-Sham-Shera Mosque in Kabul

The southern Salang Pass

afghan money

The Presidential Palace in Kabul

money afghanistan

The Shrine of the Robe of Mohammad (PBUH) in Kandahar

The Arch of Paghman (Taquee Zafar)

Shrine of Mirwais Neikah in Kandahar

The 5 Af coin - The Dari number for "5" on the left side and the Afghanistan National Emblem on the right.

Afghan currency 2 Af coin back Afghan currency 2 Af coin front

The 2 Af coin - The Dari number for "2" on the left side and the Afghanistan National Emblem on the right.

The 1 Af coin - The Dari number for "1" on the left side and the Afghanistan National Emblem on the right.

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