NGO Jobs in Afghanistan

NGO Jobs in Afghanistan are plentiful, you just need to know how to find them and with whom to apply.

It does help if you have a professional resume or CV ready to e-mail. You may want to include a picture as well.

Of course, it always helps if you have some experience already working in another culture with an NGO, and it's usually required to speak English, German, or French. For Afghanistan, knowing Dari or Pashto is a definite plus.

You may want to upload your resume and picture in the form below to advertise yourself for possible employers looking to fill NGO Jobs. I receive requests from all over the world from amazingly talented folks wanting me to help them get a job in Afghanistan.

I'm not an employer nor a recruiter, but have tried to describe as clearly as possible how you can go about finding a job. I make no promises that you will find a job through this website.

Please "pay it forward" by telling us how you got your NGO job in Afghanistan, so that others can learn from you and follow in your footsteps.

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Abul Basher, Senior Management position in NGO Not rated yet
I desire a senior management position in NGO or social development sector I am postgraduate from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I have 24 years of work …

engr riaz afridi  Not rated yet
I have more confident in construction related projects

Dear Sir, im fazloon from sri lanka Now in Kabul. sir we have lot of workers in kabul, Sri Lankans with valid entry visa sir please if u need …

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Maaz Ali And I am done my BBA(Hons) in Finance Not rated yet
I would like the job due to which i establish my career and that job is must related to my field of education. So is there is any job related to field …

imran shah accounting Not rated yet
accounting jobs

David Allan Teaching  Not rated yet
Building the teaching infrastructure.

waseem khan Computer Not rated yet
actually i am a pashtun and i love pashtoons. i want to serve pashtoons in afghanistan

najaf khan Not rated yet
I am internet network Engineer, MCSE CCNA MCITP holder and know land of Afghanistan, general experience and about all languages.

general jobs like caretakers,handyman,labourer warehouse etc

NGO Organizations in Afghanistan

There are many non-Governmental and international humanitarian organizations operating in Afghanistan. Below is a large list of organizations you may want to do some web researching and inquire of them directly what NGO positions they have open.

If you have uploaded your resume or CV in the form above, you can simply direct them to a weblink to view your qualifications when you apply for the NGO Job.

  1. International Organizations
  2. NGO Coordination Bodies
  3. Foreign NGOs
  4. Afghan NGOs
  5. NGOs focusing on women
  6. NGOs focusing on children
  7. Directory of NGOs

Don't see your NGO listed below? Looking for qualified folks to fill the NGO Job opening at your company? Contact me and let me know the name of your NGO, your main office location in Afghanistan and web address so I can add you to the list.

International Organizations

  • Afghanistan Information Management Service (Joint project of UNDP and UNOCHA)
  • EU-Afghanistan
  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • International Organization for Migration
  • UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
  • UN Development Program
  • UN Environment Program
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization
  • UN Habitat
  • UNDP Elect
  • UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)
  • United Nations Human Rights
  • United Nations Development Fund for Women
  • World Bank
  • World Food Program
  • World Health Organization

NGO Coordination Bodies

  • Afghan NGO Coordination Bureau
  • AIMS
  • Afghan Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR)
  • Afghan NGO Security Office
  • British Agencies Afghan Group
  • European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan
  • Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan

Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

  • ACF
  • ACTED (France)
  • Actionaid (UK and South Africa)
  • ADRA (Germany)
  • ADSI
  • Afghanaid (UK)
  • Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Afghan Communicator (USA)
  • Afghan Connection (UK)
  • Afghan Mark (USA and Afghanistan)
  • Afghan Music Project (USA)
  • Afghan Relief International (Canada)
  • Afghan Relief Organization (USA)
  • Afghan Schools (UK)
  • Afghan Welfare (Pakistan)
  • Afghans for Civil Society Based in USA
  • Afghans4Tomorrow (USA)
  • Afghanistan America Foundation
  • Afghanistan Demain (France)
  • Afghanistan libre (France)
  • Afghanistan Resolution (USA)
  • Afghanistan Schulen (Germany)
  • AGEF (Germany)
  • Aga Khan Development Network
  • American Councils
  • Ansar Relief Institute
  • Arkandi School
  • Bildung fur Afganistan (Germany)
  • CARE (USA)
  • Caritas (Germany)
  • Catholic Relief Services (USA)
  • Central Asia Institute (USA)
  • CHF (USA)
  • Christian Aid (UK and Ireland)
  • Church World Services (Pakistan)
  • Concern Worldwide (Ireland)
  • COOPI (Italy)
  • Creating Hope International (USA)
  • Cure Hospital, (USA)
  • DAARTT (Danish Assistance to Afghan Rehabilitation and Technical Training)
  • DACAAR (Danish Committee to Aid the Afghan Refugees)
  • Darul-Aman (Germany)
  • Disabled Afghans (USA)
  • Dupree Foundation
  • Dutch Committee for Afghanistan Veterinary Programs
  • Education Concepts International of Afghanistan (USA)
  • Fab Lab Afghanistan (USA)
  • Food for the Hungry (USA)
  • Food for the Hungry (Canada)
  • Global Hope Network (USA and Switzerland)
  • Global Partnership for Afghanistan (USA)
  • GlobalRights (USA)
  • Help Afghanistan (USA)
  • Humanity International for Peace and Prosperity (USA)
  • IFES (USA)
  • Initiative Afghanistan (Germany)
  • Institute for Media, Policy and Society (Canada)
  • Internews (USA)
  • International Assistance Mission (USA, UK)
  • International Medical Corps (USA)
  • International Orphan Care (USA)
  • International Rescue Committee
  • International Relief and Development (USA)
  • Intersos (Italy)
  • Islamic Relief (UK)
  • Jahan (USA)
  • Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
  • Kinderhilfe (Germany)
  • Land Mine Awareness Education
  • Learning for Life (UK)
  • Loma Linda Hospital (USA)
  • MADERA (France)
  • MEDAIR (Switzerland)
  • Marigold Fund (USA)
  • Medical Refresher Course for Afghans (France)
  • Mercy Corps (USA and UK)
  • Muslim Hands (UK)
  • Nooristan Foundation (USA)
  • Norwegian Afghanistan Committee
  • Norwegian Refugee Council
  • Ockenden (UK)
  • Op Mercy
  • Oxfam
  • Partners in Aviation and COmmunication Technology (PACTEC)
  • Peace Dividend Trust
  • Physicians for Human Rights (USA)
  • QSI International School of Kabul
  • REACH (Rural Expansion of Afghanistan's Community-based
  • Healthcare) (USA)
  • Red Cross
  • Rights & Democracy (Canada)
  • SAVS (USA/Japan)
  • School of Leadership (USA)
  • Serve International
  • Shelter for Life
  • Society of Afghan Engineers (USA)
  • Solace International (USA)
  • Solidarites (France)
  • Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
  • Shuhada (Pakistan)
  • Terra Institute (USA)
  • Terres des Hommes (Switzerland)
  • Trocaire (Ireland)
  • Turquoise Mountain
  • USAID (US Agency for International Development) (USA Government)
  • Welt Hunger Hilfe (Germany)
  • World Vision International (USA and Switzerland)
  • Yamana (France)
  • ZOA Refugee Care (Netherlands)

Afghan NGOs

  • Abdul Haq Foundation
  • Afghan Health and Development Services
  • AfghanMark
  • Afghan Technical Consultants
  • Afghans 4 Tomorrow
  • Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
  • Bureau for Reconstruction and Development
  • Center of Art and Culture in Afghanistan
  • Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
  • Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium
  • Nai
  • Partners in Revitalization and Building
  • Tribal Liason Office

NGOs focusing on Women

  • Afghan Women's Mission (USA)
  • Afghan Women's Network
  • Afghan Gender Cafe
  • Afghanistan Midwifery Project (USA)
  • Afghanistan Women Council
  • Afghanistan Women's Education Center
  • British Afghan Women's Society
  • Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan
  • FemAid (France)
  • Feminist Majority Foundation (USA)
  • Global Fund for Women (USA)
  • Help Afghanistan Women (USA)
  • Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan
  • Initiative to Educate Afghan Women (USA)
  • Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women
  • Kabultec (USA)
  • Medica Mondiale (Germany)
  • Noori Foundation
  • Refugee Women in Development (USA)
  • Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
  • Shuhada
  • Voice of Women Organization
  • Womankind Worldwide (UK)
  • Women for Afghan Women (USA)
  • Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan (USA)

NGOs focusing on Children

  • Afghan Mini Mobile Circus for Children (Denmark)
  • American Medical Overseas Relief
  • Child Light Foundation (USA)
  • Children in Crisis (UK)
  • Help Afghan School Children (Austria)
  • Help the Afghan Children (USA)
  • Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan
  • Khorasan Home for Children (UK)
  • Kids 4 Afghan Kids
  • QSI International School - Kabul
  • Save the Children (UK)
  • Shuhada
  • The Children of War (USA)
  • Warchild (UK)

NGO Directories

AREU Contacts Directory

Make sure to look at the ACBAR website for an NGO Job - many offices list their openings at this site, and always explain if they are looking for an international or an Afghan employee.

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