About the Bamyan Fine Art Gallery

The Bamyan Fine Art Gallery was started in 2007 by Karim, an Afghan businessman with a love for art. Until his gallery, there was no major fine art gallery in Kabul, with the exception of the National Gallery of Art.

The Gallery has continued to expand, with the website beginning in 2008, and this spring made the official exhibitor at the U.S. Embassy, Kabul.

The first exhibition there included a large display in the American Ambassador's residence. Paintings are permanently displayed in the cafeteria, where they are also for sale.

A second exhibition is expected to occur at the U.S. Embassy Kabul in early fall, 2009.

Afghan Fine Art has been enthusiastically purchased by the Afghan Ambassador to China, the American Ambassador to Afghanistan, and the Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan.

The Gallery is located on the famous "Chicken Street," Kabul, Afghanistan. Our online shop is just one more way you can keep abreast on what is happening in the cultural world of Afghanistan and to obtain fine art.

If you would like to learn more about how to help Afghan artists and to buy paintings, please contact us...we would love to hear from you! Tell us what you think about the Afghan Fine Art shown at the About-Afghanistan.com website and the prints available for purchase.

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